About Us: Established in 2007, Unique Collectible Toys specializes in the sale of 1/6 high quality military themed action figures and 1/6 high quality movie themed action figures.  We operate a worldwide mail order service along with some apperances in various toys shows presented in Puerto Rico, and in the most important of them, the Puerto Rico Comic-Con.

History: Unique Collectible Toys born out of a hobbie.  As hobbyists ourselves, it was hard to find that unique piece we were looking for and for a fair price.  Anyway, no matter the price, we just got one goal in our mind: find that hard to find for us unique piece.  Of course we always find it and buy it.  Then, one day we realized we were buying a lot, but everything went to a room, and of course boxed.  For me, i like to display it, look at it, live it.  Then one day, one of our best friend ask: (why don't you guys start selling your stuff? You got a lot of everything.) He was right.  And in  that moment, we realized, why not? My partner were always on USA shows, because of his main business, so it means maybe he can connect with some distributors.  So once we decide to start changing from hobbyists to sellers, then we started looking for distributors.  He did his assignment and i did mine. And after two years on buying for reselling, here we are, opening our first store.

Today: The growth of the 1/6th hobby has fueled our growth. However, through the years we have continued to add product lines that fit the military and movie theme. Today Unique Collectible Toys carries a wide selection of action figures, movie theme, 3 3/4, 8" inches and some other stuffs.  We are constantly adding products and searching the globe to find new lines, specially, the military figures. Our main lines are: Soldier Story and Hot Toys. But, we are adding some other very good and high quality lines like Art Figures and DID.  Soon, we will be working with Crazy Dummy.

Philosophy:  The success of a company, the heart of a company, is the service. If you give excellent service, then your company will prevail.  And of course it has to be in the hand of the quality product.  Unique Collectible Toys has all the elements that every company needs to be succesfull: quality, service, management, knowledge, experience. 

Goal: Our goal will be to create excellent reputation, give good satisfaction with our product and service and create friends, clients and a World of Unique Collectible.